About us

Woodland Champions Club was established in 2017 to help landowners create and manage woodland and open them up for members of the public to use.

  • To date, we have helped landowners plant over 100,000 trees.
  • Certified over 600 acres of land for our members to enjoy
  • establish 100 sites across the country 

Woodland Champions Club are an approved exempted organisation.

A few like-minded friends and fellow landowners joined in with the movement and we are opening new woodland Glampsite’s this year in England and Wales.

Our commitment is to plant trees with the help of the woodland trust and site members. England has just over 10% woodland cover, Europe has an average of 40% tree cover.

We are a small and growing organisation, if you support our vision then please join us by becoming a member and help plant Britain.

Want to become a member?

Becoming a member allows you to stay on Woodland Champions Club certified glamping sites, gets you updates on new sites as they open and be part of a like-minded community.

We have planted 100,000 trees so far, with your help we can increase this number significantly!

If you want to know more, then why not give us a call, it’s a more traditional way to communicate these days but we are happy to speak to you. 


Woodland Champions Club are looking for passionate and friendly landowners who want to start their own glamping site. If you want to create and share a beautiful place then apply here and we can help you to start your woodland glamping site.





How many pitches can I have?

Up to 5 Caravans and 10 Tent pitches.

How many days can I open?

365 days a year

Can I apply for caravans only?

Yes, it can be caravans, tents or both

Do people using the site have to be members?

Yes, but it is free.

Do Woodland Champions Club exempt sites for pop up (bring your own) tents and touring (white) caravans?

Only with express consent from the Club Secretary.  We prefer glamping units that are less intrusive and more ecological.

Are DBS checks required?

Yes. Both the Site Member and landowner must have a valid DBS certificate.

How much does site membership cost?

£500 consultation fee, then if successful, a £300 annual membership fee.

What prevents site exemption?

Poor access onto the public highway because it is dangerous

Enforcement action

Article 4 directive which removes permitted development rights.

Existing site in the local area. (20 mins drive away)

Can I lose my exemption certificate?

If we receive a large volume of complaints from neighbours or Club members.

If people exceed their 5 caravans and 10 tents.

If site owner receives an enforcement notice.

Who has the final say in issuing a certificate?

The Club Secretary.  We consult the Local Authority but do not always agree.

How long does the process take?

Between 28 days and 3 months.

Will I have to have any reports done?

Sometimes we ask for environmental surveys or flood risk assessments.  This is usually to address concerns of the Local Planning Authority.

Where can we advertise?


How does the Club Directors or appointed person monitor sites?

We visit sites spontaneously, without notice.

How do you judge something is mobile?

If the Club ask you to remove the temporary structures, this must be completed within one day.

The site should be left in the condition it was prior to the certificate being issued.

What areas do we cover?

England, Wales and Scotland 

Hot tub discharge

Bishta who are industry regulators setting standards for the best practices.


 If a hot tub in a business use setting is managed properly there should be low levels of Chlorine or Bromine in the water before discharge so many parks allow drainage into the ground 

Bishta document M1072 should be very useful as it gives you the drainage options especially for an eco-site. 

In summary the three main options covered in the document are listed below :-

  1. Drain the discharged water into a mains sewer- This is quite often not possible due to the distance
  2. Create a French drain - Basically a gravel and stone soakaway. There is very little Chlorine/Bromine in the water anyway and if the water is discharged into a French Drain this would be further diluted to reduce this to a negligible level.

Holding tank- You could build a holding tank to store the water for 24-48 hours. This would again allow the trace of chlorine or Bromine in the water to reduce to an insignificant level.